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Grommet Guide – Gifts For Guys

November 28, 2009

Need something great for the go-to guys in your life? These Grommets thrilled the men in ours. Take your pick and prepare for smiles!

Let him have light! The Gorillatorch flashlight from Joby combines an LED light source with three strong magnetic feet and flexible legs that you can bend and twist to secure the light to a tree branch, bed post or under the hood of your car.($29.95) Buy the Gorillatorch flexible, magnetic flashlight that leaves hands free here.

Zip It
This holiday season, save his hands, scissors and sanity with a Zip-It Opener. It’s a battery-operated device that can cut through hard plastic packaging with no trouble at all. Just attach the Zip-It to your package, press the button and guide the rollers around like you would a can opener. Presto, your items (batteries, toys, tools, fluorescent light bulbs, whatever) are free from their plastic prison, and there are no sharp edges to worry about. ($19.99) Buy the Zip-it clamshell and plastic package opener here.

GoMotion Is he sporty? To help him stay safe while exercising in the early morning or evening hours, we like GoMotion gear with built-in lighting that lets you see and be seen in the dark. Choose a vest or a belt equipped with LED lights to light his way.($59.00 and up) Buy GoMotion lights for running and jogging here.

PacificShaving_mediumSmoothing the Way
Protect his handsome face. Pacific Shaving Oil adds that oh-so-desirable layer of lubrication and moisturizer so the razor doesn’t rip over the surface like sandpaper. Made from plant extract essential oils and packaged in small, travel-friendly containers, this shaving oil can be used with or without additional shaving cream. You will get at least 100 shaves from each little bottle. For every bottle sold, a tree will be planted. It’s good for his skin, for your wallet, and for the earth. ($17.85) Buy Pacific Shaving natural shaving oil here.

Rail Riders
Keep him cool outside. The RailRiders Equator HT Shirt is a hardworking shirt with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and insect protection. It wicks away sweat and moisture, and has side vents to keep the wearer cool and breezy. Of course, it’s been road-tested by hardcore adventurers, but we think it would be a smart buy for any outdoor-loving lug. ($76.00) Buy Rail Riders bug and mosquito repellent clothing here.

Josh Bach TiesJosh Bach Ties
Is your guy a superfan? Josh Bach ties Josh Bach has created the perfect souvenirs for your favorite baseball buff. His 100% silk ties feature distinctive baseball graphics, helping your favorite fan root, root, root in a subtle, elegant way. ($45.00) Buy Josh Bach baseball theme neckties here.

Flip Video

Flip Video
Is he your would-be Scorsese? Flip Video mini camcorders are small enough to tuck into his pocket, and simple enough for him to use at the press of a button with 60 minutes of recording time. Even better, you can order a customized design (just like we did for Daily Grommet, see photo), and the flip out USB arm makes it easy to work with. Buy the Flip mini digital camcorder here.

Mean & WroughtenMean & Wroughten
Is he your game boy? Jeff Weeks of Mean & Wroughten welds recycled materials and found metal objects into functional items like this weighty cribbage set. This distinctive, circular metal “board” with a curved wrench across the center would make any cribbage aficionado happy, and the clean, simple design would surely intrigue a novice. Buy Mean & Wroughten’s unique cribbage board here.

Big Sound, Little Package
Let him takes his tunes to go. We’ve found a smashing portable speaker solution in the Altec Lansing Orbit speakers. So he can have something small and portable (and—bonus!—not too pricey) that sounds great! ($28.95-$39.00) Buy Altec Lansing Orbit portable MP3 speaker here.

Better Back
A better back
Worried about his aching back? A Better Back is a lumbar support pillow that can be worn like a backpack if he’s on the go, or strapped onto a chair if he’s working at a desk. ($69.00 and up) Buy A Better Back’s back support pillow here.

Is he your winter wonder-man? A slick film of ice masquerading as a pretty snowdrift can send anyone akimbo, even an otherwise-sturdy sportsman. Yaktrax, made from rubber and steel coils, slide on easily over boots, shoes, or sneakers. They’re lightweight and spikeless, but the sure footing they provide on ice and snow make it possible to walk upright and naturally — he’ll wonder how he teetered through winter without them. ($26.99) Buy Yaktrax ice cleats for walking on ice and snow here.

Fortis Design Magwear
Does your handy man have the bad habit of holding nails in his mouth? MagWear from Fortis Design is a small plastic tray he can wear on your wrist. Attached is a super powerful magnet that holds most hardware, small tools, and other magnetic objects in place.($18.00) Buy Magwear magnetic holder wristband here.

Bring On The Heat
Keep him toasty whereever he goes. Polartec‘s cutting edge Active Heat technology was designed to keep his core warm for up to six hours—plenty of time to root for his favorite team, walk the dog, and hit the playground with the kids. The rechargeable remote controlled battery can be set to low, medium, or high depending on the weather, and it can be turned off once you get into your car or back inside. ($169-$199) Buy Polartec Heat’s heated jackets and heated vests here.

SodaClub1_mediumFizz, Sparkle, and Pop
Does he love the fizz of a carbonated beverage but hate taking the empty ones to be recycled? We were thrilled to find SodaStream from Soda Club Group. With a touch of a button you can turn flat water effervescent. Add any of the company’s 25 flavored regular and diet syrups and you’ve got homemade soda at a fraction of the cost of store brands (and without high fructose corn syrup). It’s a great way to save time and money—and reduce his carbon footprint. ($99.95-$199.95) Buy Soda Club Sodastream carbonator to make your own soda here.

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