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Grommet Gift Guide – Pet Gifts

November 21, 2009

Do they know it’s Christmastime at all? Well, that’s questionable, but it’s no reason to leave your furry friends off your gift list. Here are our favorite picks for pets and pet lovers alike.Rascodog

Have Leash, Will Travel
Rascodog ReadyLeashes make it easy to do the right thing. These adjustable leashes with built-in biodegradable bags make dog walks more enjoyable, and picking up after pets a snap. ($19.00) Buy Rascodog with biodegradable dog waste bag  dispenser in leash here.

Kibble NibbleThe Ultimate Chew Toy
Most dog-owners can tell you that rawhides stick to the carpet and those things you can fill with peanut butter result in puddles of sticky drool. Kibble Nibble brings together the best aspects of attention-holding toys and treats. It’s a tough chew-proof ball you can fill with regular dog food or small goodies. Your dog’s normal batting, chewing, and playing causes the ball to dispense food at random intervals. ($19.99) Buy Kibble Nibble’s dog exercise ball and food dispenser here.

For Dogs Who Want to Stay Classy
Sharp looking dog collars and leashes don’t often stay sharp for long. Bowchies do. Not only are they durable and “dog-walker tested,” these cute collars and leashes are reasonably priced, making them doubly recession-friendly! ($26.00 and up) Buy Bowchies’ cute designer dog collars and leashes here.

Poochie BellsDoggie Ding Dong
Poochie Bells are a doggie doorbell of sorts. Just hang them from your door, and trainers insist that no matter how old or incorrigible your dogs are, your pets can be taught to let you know when they gotta go. ($16.95 and up) Buy Poochie Bells dog training door bell here

Wild Creations
Perfect First Pet
Wild Creations Frog EcoAquarium is an all-in-one aquatic environment that makes easing into pet ownership, well, easy. The kit comes with two frogs — excitable, jumpy creatures that are great fun to watch. The “living gravel” that comes with the kit acts as a natural filtration system, so no additional chemicals, aeration or filters are required. The frogs need to be fed twice each week (which our kids love doing) and the food comes with your system. ($25.00 and up) Buy Wild Creations’ pet frog eco-aquarium here.

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